Before understanding the general signs that indicate a child may be on the autism spectrum (ASD) , it has to be reiterated that every individual with ASD would have unique traits or characteristics through which the condition is manifested. 

The first indication of the condition may be seen when a toddler misses developmental milestones with regards to speech, behaviour or physical activities. However, developmental delays don’t always point towards ASD. The signs also differ vastly depending on the severity of the condition. 

Some of the symptoms that can be observed in childhood include:

  • Inability to make/hold eye contact 
  • Not responding to their name 
  • Disinterest in interactions with other kids
  • Unable to walk/talk in accordance to the age group 
  • Difficulty in expressing ideas or their own needs
  • Being extremely possessive of personal space and not being fond of physical contact with others
  • Inability to decipher non-verbal communication, expressions or body language of others 
  • Finding comfort in repetitive behaviour like using fidget toys, and partial towards a set routine 
  • Getting overwhelmed when exposed to large amount of light, sound or other forms of external stimuli 

Though these are traits commonly associated with ASD, neither does their presence necessarily indicate the condition nor does their absence rule it out. It is best to get a formal diagnosis from qualified experts. 

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