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The worlds of neurotypicals and neurodivergent people are very different from each other. Both need to be understood by the other in a larger perspective beyond the realm of normal vs abnormal. Awareness, acceptance and appreciation of neurodivergent people encourages support for all those who are diagnosed to be within the spectrum of autism disorders.

News On Autism is a platform that shares knowledge about global happenings, especially in the interest of those in and around the spectrum of autism disorders. The idea is to encourage the neurodivergent community to counter fear, shame, ignorance, judgement and misunderstandings and live life with hope and kindle endless dreams and possibilities.

Experiences of, for and about autistic people are collected, curated and reported on the platform by a team of journalists who understand how important it is to provide equity, access, opportunity and deserving rights to all. We believe that mainstream journalism needs to pick up the mantle and promote inclusion to orient the society towards the ideal way of living a good life.

In short, News On Autism is a collective of friends, families, caregivers, colleagues and extended empathisers of the eclectic community of neurodivergents. Our audience shares life changing stories inspiring all of us who root for an inclusive world. Let us align the 15 percent neurodivergent to the “normal” universe and see how interesting and diverse the world becomes.

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